Cleaning India
Keep India Clean is a Swachh Bharat Award Winning NGO that provides a platform for individuals and restaurants to clean India in different innovative ways

We partner up with local café’s and restaurants and ask them to maintain a dustbin just outside their premise

Join The Movement

Are there requirements to be a member?

None at all! We want to make social change actions accessible to everyone.

Unlike conventional NGOs, we don’t require you to fill a boring form or interview you to become a member.You become a member by ACTION .

Here are three ways you can help

1 Shop 1 Dustbin

Convince 5 restaurants in your area

to maintain 1 dustbin outside


Gandhigiri Stories

A story that shows the spirit

of cleanliness in India


Awareness by Art

Painting dead trees and dead

branches to raise awareness.


For Restaurants

Be a part of the #SwachhBharat Movement by maintaining 1 dustbin outside your premises.

Contact us on if you have any query.

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Join Volunteers from all across India

A revolution requires just 2 things – Spark and Fire

Be a spark and start this movement in your city


Be a fireball and continue the movement in your city.


Keep India Clean movement was started out by a simple idea by Pratik Shetty.


Pratik Shetty

An enlightened being and a social entrepreneur. The man who turns ideas into reality.

Business Development, Getting things done
Finance, Economics, Quantum Mechanics, Cosmology, New Technologies
Clean Eating, Pull ups and Staying Fit
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Random Fact:
Prefers Slippers over Shoes

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